Modular MC6 Ultrasonic Unit

Modular MC6 Ultrasonic Unit
Modular MC6 Ultrasonic Unit


Two valuable salon face and body treatments--skin revitalising, cavitation,
fat reduction

Cavitation effect: Faint but high frequency vibration (as high as 1 MHz) on skin wet
with medical gel transforms fat into a micro-bubble state that is eliminated through normal
organic tracks.
a regular treatment helps to eliminate excess cellulite body fat & helps to lighten
scars left after surgery and stretch marks after childbirth.

Skin Revitalising:
Deep high frequency action on wettened skin produces an almost undetectable deep cellular
massage, stimulating lymph and blood flow to improve circulation and
metabolism of cellular matter

Includes body, face and eye electrodes and console storage rack
to protect delicate polished metal electrode surfaces