Modular MC6 Base Unit Standard

Modular MC6 Base Unit Standard
Modular MC6 Base Unit Standard


With Woods Lamp,
Base Unit has strong lockable multi-directional wheels, contains a small
storage cabinet and is pre-drilled to fit the pole for the steamer and the
pole for the magnifying lamp, perspex accessories holder and stainless
steel bowl.

Treatment modules have strong metal casings and include leads, implements,
holders, etc. Modules are securely stacked by means of four fittings on the
top of the module below, providing a snug recess for the feet of each module.

Five specialised power plugs are on the back on the Base Unit and two are
on the left-hand facing side. This allows for the steamer, magnifying lamp
and a maximum of 5 other modules to be fitted. All modules have a power
lead dedicated to the MC6 unit and they plug directly to it for an electrical
power source.

Purchase of an additional standard SalonQuip power lead will allow all
modules (except the steamer and the magnifying lamp) to be used
independently via a normal electrical power outlet.

gross weight 23 kg, 920 x 740 x 450 mm