Terms & Conditions

SalonQuip shall only supply goods to you on the following terms and conditions unless we agree, in writing, to vary these terms and conditions:


1. Payment

1.1   Credit card details are required at the time of placing an order on-line at www.salonquip.com.au
1.2   Credit card details are stored digitally in a secure place and payment is not processed for your order until we receive your express written permission to complete your order.
1.3   Credit card details provided for this purpose are not retained after payment has been processed for your order.
1.4   Credit card details provided for this purpose are deleted if your do not approve payment processing within one week of placing an on-line order, unless you provide us with permission to retain them for a longer period.
1.5   Approved credit customers are not required to provide credit card details when placing on-line orders.  Approved credit customers are liable for payment in full within 30-days of invoice date - overdue account fees may apply.
1.6   Invoices are sent with delivery of goods

2. Credit Account Facility

2.1   We reserve the right to withdraw your credit account facility without notice to you if you do not comply with our trading terms and conditions as they are communicated to you from time to time.
2.2   Credit account facility is not transferable to another person or legal entity. You must advise us in writing if your business is sold, begins to trade under another name or at another address or your interest in it is otherwise changed.  You remain liable for any charges to your account until we receive your written advice.
2.3   We reserve the right to request appropriate personal identification from you or your agent before you or your agent collect goods from our premises that are charged to your account with us.

3. Products and Prices      

3.1   Our prices and/or products are subject to change without notice.
3.2   You will be invoiced for goods at prices current at the date of dispatch.
3.3   You agree that goods which are in pack multiples will be supplied to you only in pack multiples.
3.4   You agree that the minimum order to be placed and paid by credit card which we shall accept will be $20.00.
3.5   We reserve the right to specify a minimum order value which we shall accept.
3.6   We will not be liable for incorrect supply of products ordered when product codes are not stated or product descriptions are not clear.
3.7   Additions to orders will be treated as separate orders. You will receive a separate invoice, dispatch and freight charge once the initial order has been packed and processed.

4. Shipping and Delivery

See separate information                  

5. Refunds and Returns

See separate information

6. Retention of Title

6.1   You acknowledge that the ownership of goods delivered by us to you is transferred to you only when you have paid all sums owing to us on any account whatsoever.
6.2   Until such time as you have paid all sums owing to us, we have the right to call for or recover the goods at our option ( for which purpose our employees or agents may enter your premises ) and you are obliged to deliver up the goods if so directed by us.
6.3   You agree to keep the goods in a fiduciary capacity for us until such time as ownership is transferred to you.

7. Jurisdiction

7.1   You agree with us to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria and the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates’ Court of Australia and agree that any legal proceedings may be heard in those Courts.

8. Clerical errors

8.1   We reserve the right to correct any clerical errors.

9. SalonQuip         

9.1   SalonQuip means Tamor Nominees Pty Ltd ( A.C.N. 005 146 618 ) trading as SalonQuip